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The Sexual Holocaust: A Global Crisis


The Publisher and the Authors

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The Sexual Holocaust was published by Feed My Sheep Publications, a subsidiary of FMS Foundation (FMS). FMS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit private foundation and was founded in 1997 by Dr. J.C. Sanford, a Cornell University Research Geneticist. You can learn more about FMS at FMS was originally founded to help feed a hungry world through education and research. FMS research objectives have increasingly become broader, addressing all aspects of human welfare. For over two decades Dr. Sanford has sought to protect the safety and innocence of children who are online. As he came to realize the magnitude of the problem, he realized that there was an urgent need for somebody to document the incredible magnitude and scope of the suffering that is resulting from “anything-goes” sexuality. He realized somebody must sound the alarm, regarding this monumental human tragedy. For five years he has coordinated research on the full extent of the harms resulting from unrestrained sexuality. This research is summarized in this short book. FMS thanks Dr. Franzine Smith for her role as technical editor. This book would not have been possible without Bridgette Heap, who is the primary researcher and primary author.


John was a Cornell University Professor and did genetic research from 1980 to 2018. This resulted in about 120 scientific publications and dozens of patents. John’s key inventions (with others) included: Development of the Gene Gun, Demonstration of Parasite-derived Resistance, and Genetic Vaccination. John is a committed Christian, and since 2000, he is best known for his extensive genetic research resulting in many high-impact publications relevant to Christian apologetics. John’s wife is Helen, who is his partner in all things, and his best friend. John lives in western New York and loves yard work and gardening. John and Helen have three grown children (Evan, Daniel, and Annie), and four grandchildren (Clara, Olive, Hazel, and Hannah). John views this book as painful, but extremely important—it sounds the alarm regarding the most profound humanitarian crisis in modern history.


Bridgette Heap has a master's degree in philosophical apologetics and a bachelor's degree in mathematics. She is married to her best friend, Aaron. Together, they have two beautiful children, who she has been homeschooling for the past few years. Since graduating college, Bridgette has had her own photography business, worked for Lamplighter Publishing, and is now an author for FMS Foundation. Bridgette also has a theater ministry for children ages 5-18 called The Storybook Theatre. She began working on The Sexual Holocaust because of her desire to protect women and children from the effects of "anything-goes" sexuality. She views this book as an opportunity to influence modern day culture with wholesome values and shed light on such a personal and important topic.


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Citing nearly 200 references, "The Sexual Holocaust: A Global Crisis" enumerates, page by page, chapter by chapter, the unimaginably painful, destructive consequences of so-called sexual liberation. Chapter One focuses on the physical consequences of unrestrained sexual behaviors, from the brain-altering addiction of pornography to sexually transmitted diseases; from the mix of sex with drug and alcohol abuse to prostitution, sex-slavery, bondage, violence and abuse; from the slaughter of pain-sensitive preborn children by abortion to the collateral damage and occasional deaths of aborting mothers. Chapter Two zeros in on emotional wounds inflicted by 'anything-goes' sexual behavior, often amplified by the physical harm - from loss of self worth through guilt, shame, loneliness, and rejection to profound depression, irrationality, and suicide. Chapter Three focuses on the damage by and to society - the destruction of marriage and of roles within marriage, the rise of divorce, cohabitation, promiscuity, and the 'Hook-up culture', and the redefining of the 'child'; influence of the media, government, and education on the institutionalizing of unrestrained sexual behavior. Chapter Four addresses spiritual consequences of unbridled sexual behavior. It identifies four categories of spiritual harm: Vain and false identities; Guilt and shame; the destruction of true love; and Eternal consequences. While "Sexual Holocaust" spotlights Eternal consequences as the most serious, it stops short of citing biblical injunctions. Three places the New Testament lists rebellious human behaviors, (1 Corinthians 6:9-11, Galatians 5:19-21, Ephesians 5:3-6). In each case, unrestrained sexual behavior tops the list. And in each case we are warned that they who practice such things shall not inherit the Kingdom of God. Eternal separation from God is the ULTIMATE consequence of rejecting His desire to save us from our sins, sexual and otherwise.

The Sexual Holocaust is a wake-up call to all the world. Destruction at all levels of one's personhood is at stake, as is the decline of nations.



The Sexual Holocaust is an outstanding book that skillfully shows how the sexual revolution which started in western communities has been threatening humanity on a global scale. As the world is becoming one village due to advancements in technology and media, what happens in one part of the world directly echoes in the rest. As a Muslim writer and a member of a Muslim community, I can perceive that we significantly need this book. To a great extent, the sexual revolution is penetrating the Muslim world, which has been protected for a long time by religious and cultural influences. Now, many Muslim elites tend to liberate themselves from religious and ethical commitments. Thus, being freer with the opposite sex becomes kind of a sign of sophistication and progress that mimics western societies.

The book reveals with evidence and statistics that the calamities resulting from uncommitted sexual relationships exceed by far one's imagination. You feel after you finish the book that the sexual revolution is one of the major catastrophes in human history. 



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Very timely publication. Now, that all humanity is assessing the worst perils, people are able to feel the pain and fear of others more acutely. The authors summarized with the use of statistical data collected from a variety of sources and supported by individual real-life examples, the aftermath of sexual revolution. The emphasis is on explaining how this process, despite its slogans, turned around a very basic vital function of human beings, converting it into something almost entirely unrelated to the original purpose, and hurting more people than wars and epidemics together on the way. The numbers on abortions are particularly sobering. We do not think about it, it is rarely discussed unless in some impersonal political statements, yet in the year 2020 16 million human lives were stopped, and each second brings more. Each society has protective mechanisms, a sort of social immune system, that turns on when the survival is endangered. I hope this book helps many people with kind heart and clear mind to face this problem, and know they are not alone. I hope there will be additional publications discussing these issues in the light of human history to further illustrate which tactics works best.

The Sexual Holocaust is a short, easy read but a deeply important book that speaks to the core of the critical shift we've seen in western society in the last 50 years. Whilst political and social movements are impactful, I believe this book does a wonderful job of addressing an issue that strikes at the very core of the fabric of our society and transcends race, class and politics. It is written in a matter-of-fact style and is chock full of well researched facts and figures that will blow your mind if you're not familiar with the subject matter. This is a wake up call for the sleeping Church and a challenge to the secular world to pay attention to the undeniable link between the Sexual Revolution, along with its trailing tentacles in the modern world, and the billions of victims, mainly young girls, caught up in the global holocaust going on right before our eyes.

The sexual revolution was supposed to be uplifting, freeing and enlightening...but the fallout has been anything but. This book aptly and accurately describes the many harmful personal and societal consequences of society's "anything goes" attitude toward sex and sexuality. This book is an eye opener and a wake up call for everyone. Well written and well documented. A "must read".

Do you hold a belief that sex doesn't matter? That sex can be had by anyone, with anyone, for any reason? Do you believe there are no emotional or long-term ramifications? Think again! This book provides a great example of how sexual promiscuity is one of the great down-falls of our society. Sex without limits leads to desire and fulfillment in ways that are harmful to men, women, and even children of all ages. This book will be eye opening to any reader, no matter your belief system or walk of life.

In this groundbreaking book the consequences and reality of the sexual revolution are well documented and overwhelming put forth with raw clarity. So many of this generation have been negatively affected by this tsunami of radical change and redefining of what it actually means to be human! It could honestly be said that TSH should be required reading for all who are concerned for the future of mankind... especially if we hope for today's generation to overcome the disaster of the ideology of sexual recklessness that has been promoted under the guise of personal freedom.

This book is well organized and based on research not assumptions. Easy to read material that will make you not want to put it down until finished. Overall Excellent.

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